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Content Management System – CMS

We provide our clients with what we regard as the best CMS available – WordPress.

WordPress – the World’s most commonly used CMS

WordPress is widely regarded as one of the most user friendly CMS packages around. It’s also now the most widely used CMS package powering between 15 – 20% of the worlds web sites.

What exactly does a CMS do?

A CMS provides the web site owner or administrator with the ability to update their web site without needing to call a web designer. Basic content editing is provided:

  • Enter content directly or copy and paste from MS Word
  • Upload images and insert into web pages
  • Add links to web pages on your menu

An extremely powerful feature of WordPress is its article writing functionality. Also called blogging, this enables web site owners to easily post information / opinions / articles. Once posted, an article is usually left open for comment, providing for the interactivity that is the cornerstone of the internet. A well recognised outcome of using this functionality is that it can increase a web site’s attractiveness to Google. Recognising this, savvy web site owners use this knowledge to good effect by becoming regular posters of articles.

More complex functionality can be used with plugins and E-Commerce shopping carts. (An E-Commerce shopping cart is in fact a kind of CMS)

WordPress Plugins

Plugin definition: A plugin is an add-on that provides extra functionality to a piece of software (in this case web site software)

Due to the popularity of WordPress there is a huge global community of developers who create a wide range of plugins for WordPress.  Some examples are:

  • E-Commerce shopping carts
  • Image galleries
  • Calendars
  • Web form creators
  • Social Networking integration
  • Sliders for key content presentation

These plugins enable us as web designers to provide some very specific functionality to our clients.

If you’d like some further information about CMS, why not call us for a chat?